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You have a nice site but you find that this one is not visible enough on the Internet? You run out of traffic and you wonder how to display it on the first page of the search results, but also if you need to invest time and money to improve its Natural Referencing ? Contact Us To discuss this, we have solutions to present to you!

Why improve your site and its image? But just to be visible by your prospects and customers!

Your main objective is to bring visitors to your site, to offer your services or to sell your products. Knowing what internet users are looking for is therefore an important step in adapting your content to the expectations of visitors.

Imagine that you own a pancake shop in Saint-Malo, it would be interesting to work your site to make it visible on the search " Pancakes Saint Malo Intra Muros "For example. In fact, this request is requested 480 times a month on Google.

Once the site of our restaurateur Malouin properly optimized to respond to this research, then we will have to put in place different actions to develop its local notoriety and its presence on the Internet: setting up and optimization of its page Google My Business, creating back links, or relevant backlinks, increasing its visibility and image on social networks, but also disseminating and optimizing some Videos on YouTube.

Our goal will be to make you visible and position your site on the Google Maps map, the Pack 3 that appears at the top of the page on a local search.

Remember that natural SEO takes a bit of time, but when your website is properly positioned, then it will generate you free visitors automatically. You may consider that your financial investment will be particularly profitable over time.

Here, in summary, what we propose in terms of Natural Referencing : Be more visible for more traffic and contacts.

SEO Optimized

The Seo (For Search Engine Optimization Is Search Engine Optimization) is a marathon, not a sprint. This can actually take up to 6-12 months to achieve serious results and your site will be updated in Google index no matter how much money and energy you spend. Why pay, month after month, for a paid natural referencing service that you are not sure you can improve and get new Market share For your website?

Natural referencing

Social signals management

Manage a presence on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin It takes time and requires a lot of energy, there are many business managers who quickly get away. Don't be one of them. Our social signal Management Service is affordable, efficient and starts at 99 €/month. With more than 70% of subscribers viewing the Social Networks every day you need to add content and articles regularly, in order to improve the visibility of your site On the main search engines.

Manage your social signals

Managing Blogs

The creation of SEO-friendly content On your blog, tips, tips or articles, is anything but simple. This is why we offer a management service Blog To our customers and this at a very affordable price, in order to keep your site up to date. Each content will be incomparable, no duplicate content, and you will be able to validate it before its final release. Having a blog on your website is no longer an option, it is an indispensable necessity, for you, your readers and for your Seo Natural on Google.

Faclie Blog Management

Truly affordable SEO Services

RankToPay offers the best services of Natural Referencing Google of the profession (particularly interesting referencing cost). You want to know why? It is in our interest to produce real and durable results for our customers, because we are only paid when you are properly positioned on search engines like Google or YouTube.

We are partners in your success and visibility, so let's adopt together the right internal meshing strategy for your site. Internet users need to find you quickly on their research, and as a web marketing agency, it is for us to optimize and put in place the techniques and tags allowing you to reference and position on the relevant queries of your visitors (including mobile).

We will put more forward your notoriety and validate the indexing of your site, in order to generate qualified natural traffic. This is important in the eyes of the main search engine.

If you are not well positioned, you do not pay your Natural Referencing !

Most SEO Agencies Seo will tell you that "the results are never guaranteed". Of course this is true, but does that mean you have to continue like this, paying the note every month to hope to finally get a good Keyword set On the first page of Google? Why would there not be a marketing strategy or alternative netlinking? A solution that respects good practices, without SEO black referencing, which you put in the shelter of Google Panda penalties, and who advises its users on the perfect optimization of content, tags, keywords and pages of their websites?

Of course there is another SEO solution: to pay its referencing to Results !

Referencing natural to be in top position on Google and YouTube
€60 HT is the price to pay to be in the top position on Google and/or YouTube!

Is it really so important to work on the optimization of its site?

This is a legitimate question you need to ask yourself: what is the first thing you do when you are looking for a product or service on the Internet? The answer is undoubtedly that you open a search engine, Google probably. Now all internet users are like you. It is therefore essential that your on-page analysis be impeccable, in order to display your site in the first search results. It is the relevance of the Optimized natural referencing by Ranktopay.

With our complete audit of your website and a good job of optimizing your natural referencing, on the Key words Adapted "Long sled", you target your visitors precisely and this will result in a quality-qualified traffic. You will then convert your prospects more quickly into loyal customers. Our goal is to aim for the first position for your site!

Consider optimizing your website, as this will be effective in ensuring traffic and Google positioning Recurring over time. This is obviously not the case with SEA-based SEO operations, which are paid advertising campaigns like AdWords, the effects of which end immediately after your last settlement.

  • Yes, the SEO asks to take its time...

There is only Google who controls the ins and outs of referencing on its engine, but with an active SEO watch, we follow for you daily the changes and changes made to the algorithms developed by the engineers of the GoogleplexIn Mountain View, California.

It is often necessary to be patient to see the Results of natural positioning Expected, following the optimization of a site, but the first advantage is that this optimization will be durable in time.

Of course, the interest of appealing to RankToPay is to benefit from the "Pay on results seo", to pay its positions on Google to the results!

  • The optimization of a site is a lot of work, but it works!

Keywords, links, social marketing, netlinking and popularity, content creation, technical analysis, page loading, alt tag, anchor texts, Meta description optimization, poor editorial quality, Panda penalty check, Google Penguin or Pigeon and hummingbird, visibility and index mobile first, tracking referencing... Setting up actions SEO is a complex business but we will be your guide! It's no longer just creating "search-friendly" content on your website's Web pages.

To find The right Keywords, those that are actually searched on Google, YouTube and their robots and that generate the link back, Good backlinks For more traffic, Optimize SEO Natural SEO of your pages and your videos on these keywords, create quality feedback links or reference videos on YouTube, It has to be simple and effective for you.

We want to make sure that when users are looking for your products or services, it is you that they find first.

Are you ready to improve your SEO on the Internet?

The first step is to ask our SEO agency for a Audit Free of positioning, on the status of the current optimization of your website, on the keyword of your choice. Know where we're going to find out where to arrive!