Improve the SEO of your website with your Blog

Google and his comrades Bing, Yahoo and others love blogging.

We have already discussed this, in order to be correctly positioned on Google, we have to offer quality content on your site. Post on your blog relevant articles in your sphere of competence will position this one as a reference in your field andImprove SEO of your site.

Never forget that the goal of Google, and other search engines, is to provide the most relevant answers to requests from internet users. This is all the more true on mobile where, in addition to being relevant, the responses will be geo-localized.

Adopt a good publication frequency, such as an article per week. Your site will soon be considered "alive" and inevitably Google will notice it and your articles are then quickly indexed.

Each article will therefore become a new possibility for the Internet users to find you and to arrive on a page of your site. Be sure to distribute your internal links to the pages of your products and services, those where you offer your benefits. The purpose is to generate more sales for your establishment!

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Be open to comments.

Offer your readers a response to your articles, however, you will need to moderate the comments received in order to keep your site "clean". By posting comments and reviews, Internet users feed your content and actually make your site even more interesting for search engines.
Answer if possible and begin to establish A trusting relationship with your audience And your customers will be more inclined to contact you and order your products or services.

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