Analyze the traffic of my website, why and how?

Know who are visiting my website, through which entrance doors the Internet users have arrived and on which pages. This is important information, check it out as it will give you tracks to improve your natural SEO.

Why is this page more visited than any other and how to take advantage of this to further increase the attendance of my website? Is the topic being developed topical? Does the product or service offer meet a high demand? Do visitors stay long on this page? Do they also visit other pages? So many questions to ask you in order to better understand the analysis of the statistics of attendance.

Once the main pages of entries are identified, and knowing why these pages generate the most visibility, you will have to implement certain actions, such as the assessment of the on-site criteria of your Web pages, in order to verify whether it is possible to optimize them technically. It's the famous Page Score That we offer you on RankToPay, This should be at least 75%.

Web Site Traffic Analysis

Then it will be necessary to make sure that each page concerned with a good SEO score, in other words that each page is Well optimized for its corresponding keyword, avoiding duplicated content. In some cases, it may be necessary to consider a complete overhaul in order to improve the indexing of your site. In fact, the technical audit of the container should not be confused (optimization of the coding, (page speed, image name, etc. ..) and an SEO audit that focuses on the content of your page and displayed information, relative to a keyword or phrase dedicated to this page, checks your backlinks and internal and external links.

To track and analyze the traffic of your site, there are a large number of services and tools, some free and others paying. The best known and most used in the world is Google Analytics, which has the advantage of being totally free. Https://

If you have not already done so, you need to install the little Google Analytics tracking script on your site. Usually you have to install it at the bottom of the page, if it is common to your entire site, or then on each of the pages you want to track and analyze the traffic. You will find interesting tutorials on Https://

Of course, as part of the RankToPay service, we take care of the Google Analytics setup on your site and help you to interpret the results obtained.

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