How to properly reference your site

Congratulations, your website is finally online.

But now you have to ask yourself the question "How to properly reference my site?".
Indeed, a website not referenced by the search engines will be totally invisible to the searches of the Internet users.

So how to properly reference its website? Follow the Guide!

First, your site can be indexed by search engines, that is, the coding of your site is consistent with the requirements and mechanisms implemented by the search engines to add the new sites in the Google index. The RankToPay analysis will immediately tell you about the coding problems of your pages that can slow down the correct indexing of your site.

Second, the content of your site must be relevant to the searches of Internet users. The more your content will be in relation to the keywords you are looking for, the more Google and the other engines are going to consider that your site will be able to provide answers adapted to the requests sent. As a result, your site will be displayed in a good position on the results pages.

Third, it is the notoriety of your site that is important. If many websites refer to yours, through back links (backlinks), then Google will consider that your site is referencing in your domain. Since many other sites refer to you, it is that you need to know a bit about it in your domain ... The more websites you have, gravitating around your domain or in relation to your domain, the higher the quality of these backlinks will be considered important, as the notoriety of your site.

Finally, in the fourth, your presence in the social networks comes into account in the Google indexing process. Here again, if we talk about you on social networks it is probably that this is relevant, you are known and recognized. By being active on social networks, you send Google signals that the engine likes.

How to reference its site?

To sum up:
1/code your Web pages correctly according to the standards defined by W3C
2/Make sure you have informative content and in relation to your area of activity
3/Make talk about yourself, exchange links with other sites, broadcast press releases
4/Be active on social networks, share and disseminate your information

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