How to write an SEO optimized article for my blog?

Think of a hard-hitting title that will read well on Google

If your article title is catchy and it appeals to the reader, then you will have more chances that this one opens the page on your Blog. The title of your article can be considered as an additional entry door on your site so be welcoming.

Do not exceed 50 to 60 characters or the title will be truncated on the Google display. Every day millions of internet users are asking questions and looking for answers on Google and other search engines. So you can imagine your title as a question, ask yourself the question about what the Internet users can look for in relation to the content of your article.

Be concise and accurate in your introduction

Immediately present the subject and content of your article in order to answer the questions of the readers, who will want to know if they are on the right page and if this article deals with the subject that concerns them. As it is an introduction, it is therefore useless to develop the content of the subject, so you avoid the repetitions.

Quality content for good SEO

Your goal is to make it readable and understandable by all the subject of your article, do not be too technical, explain without demonstrating. You need to interest your readers without drowning them with complicated terms and expressions.

Build your article by always having in mind its Seo, you do not write for the local Gazette, but for the internet and your readers do not expect you, they are looking for you.

How to write a good blog article?Optimize your text with a search engine-friendly markup. An article is also a Web page. Add pictures or photos in relation to your subject, also think about optimizing them, because Google index Also the images.

In your conclusion, maintain the relationship

It is already the moment when the reader will continue his path on the canvas so prepare his departure and announce the sequel, encourage him to ask for more information, offer him an ebook or a coupon, short ask him to complete a short form, then you can keep in touch and who knows maybe one day turn this player into a customer satisfied with your services.

Are you ready for this?

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