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Did you know that in its search results page, Google gives priority to companies in the same geographical area as the user doing their research?

The results appear in the form of Local Pack, with a list of three companies clearly highlighted with their contact information, the other companies not being directly visible.

Users, of course, choose one company from this list rather than another. Companies can expect to be displayed on this precious space by registering in Google My Business, also known as Google Maps.

What's more? It's absolutely free!

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google maps optimization - Create a Google My business account

We have always stressed the importance of Google My Business and RLocal éférencement In general. Adding your business to Google Maps with name, address and phone number is the first step in your local SEO efforts.

But to differentiate yourself from others, you must Optimize your Establishment profile, by submitting good quality images, using a keyword-rich description, clearly mentioning your opening hours and having a link to your company's website.

Here's what your local visibility should look like!
You can see that Ranktopay is in position 1 and 2 in the Google Pack 3, in a wide radius around our address.

natural referencing Ranktopay - Create a Google My business account

Why should I care about Google My Business?

Local referencing is the perfect example of Google's advanced ability to refine its search for its users. Google knows the geographical location of its user and provides information that, in his view, would be most useful to the person.

To make the most of the results of Google's local search, based on user intent, companies must register themselves on Google My business.

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How important is Google My Business?

Let's say you operate a flower shop in Saint-Malo and you also have a website Web Optimized (by RankToPay, it's better).

When a user types "Flower delivery service Saint MaloIt is likely that you will occupy a fairly high rank.

However, if the user leaves Saint-Malo and only captures "flower delivery service", the results will not be displayed in such a visible way, even if the user is nearby


delivery fleurs st malo 300x260 - Create an account Google My business
With user location


flower delivery 300x262 - Create a Google My business account
Without user geo-location

Check your visibility on Google Maps

The reason you are not well in the local pack is that you are probably not listed correctly in Google My Business. This is a boon for your competitors who may have made better use of this service than you.

When you list your business with Google, you are part of Google Web Sites. The search engine will give the Priority to your site Compared to other sites that are not part of Google Maps.

In this case, when you type "flower delivery service," Google will choose among the companies listed in Google My business using the same keyword.

This list will appear before all other organic searches.

Be consistent in your local referencing

As companies become more proficient in technology and knowledge of the benefits of Google My business, you will be faced with Increased competition. For this reason, you need to treat local referencing as a continuous activity.

Your ranking in the local pack depends on the signals provided to Google, on your company, in the form of quotes, links, optimizations of the pages of your site and social media.

An important ranking criterion is the quality and volume of opinions your company receives in Google My business.

Companies that rank well often have excellent reviews and more than four customer reviews.

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Solicit your customers

Encourage your customers to leave a comment on your service. If one of your customers does not have a Google account, simplify the task by suggesting that you leave your comment on an alternative website such as YELP or another notification site.

Treat negative critics with tact, but at all costs, and of course avoid posting false positive reviews.

RankToPay helps you optimize your local SEO with Google My Business

In a recent survey, SEO marketing agencies have been asked for the number one error committed by their customers regarding Google My Business.

Most of them reported that this was an error in the name, address and/or telephone number. Many companies do not pay attention to this aspect of precision in their coordinates, which makes it very difficult to follow them by Google.

Showing up in Google My Business may seem pretty straightforward, but it requires special attention to detail and constant follow-up to achieve optimum results.

For this reason, it is always preferable to contact a professional SEO company, such as RankToPay, which has a strong expertise in theGoogle Maps Optimization.

google places - Create a Google My business accountWe help you register on Google My Business. This can be done with your existing Gmail account or with a new one that we can create specifically.

google my listing - Create a Google My business accountIf Google has already created an Establishment profile for your company. Go ahead and claim it. A lot of people don't. Which is a missed opportunity. By claiming your site, you can build on its credibility rather than start over. We can assist you in this claim.

google business places - Create a Google My business accountThe category section is an important classification criterion and must be completed with precision. Google no longer allows you to create your own category, so you have to choose from the displayed options. It is a blessing because all companies will follow the same model. The main category should be the best representation of your business. It is a good idea to also enter the secondary categories, in order of importance.

referencing local google - Create an account Google My businessGoogle My Business recommends that you add many good quality photos such as cover, profile and other relevant photos, so you can present your products and services to those who are looking for it. Don't forget to properly optimize your photos, with a suitable file name and matching Tags.

Google My Business as part of a SEO strategy

Being on Google My Business is not a full-fledged strategy and works best when GMB is associated with other tools and Digital marketing Techniques.

RankToPay is the best place to meet your needs, as we offer a comprehensive Internet marketing service including optimization of natural referencing, payment to results and other strategies such as remarketing and Social media.

Consistency for best results

As a company with fifteen years of experience in Internet marketing, our strength has been our ability to maintain a long-term association with our customers. Almost all digital marketing strategies require quick monitoring and intervention to maintain performance at optimal levels.

Any change, small or large, in your business must be reflected in Google My business. In addition, creating quotes, acquiring links and moderating criticism is an ongoing process.

At RankToPay, our analysis tool helps us to detect the extent to which Google My Business works, correctly or not, in traffic flows to your site. We can adjust the profile of your institution so that it will serve your business best.

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Contact our RankToPay expert team today to learn more about the Google Maps Optimization Services And how to get your marketing efforts to the next level.

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