SEO optimization cost of your site

To check the SEO score of your site, Click here.

If your page score is less than 75 (Why is this minimum score necessary?), you will have to go through an optimization step, which you can ask below.

Our technical audit includes the following points of analysis:

  • Resources with status code 4xx
  • Resources with status code 5xx
  • Non-indexed pages
  • Page 404 correctly configured
  • robots.txt file
  • Site Map .xml
  • www and non-www fixed versions
  • Problems with the HTTP/HTTPS versions of the site
  • Pages with 302 redirection
  • Pages with 301 redirection
  • Pages with long redirection chains
  • Pages with meta refresh
  • Pages with rel="canonical"
  • Mobile Compatibility
  • HTTPS pages with mixed content issues
  • Pages with duplicate rel="canonical" code
  • Pages with frames
  • Pages with warnings and errors in W3C HTML code
  • Pages with warnings and W3C CSS code errors
  • Pages too big
  • dynamic URLs
  • URLs too long
  • Broken links
  • Pages with an excessive number of links
  • External links Dofollow
  • Inaccessible images
  • Empty Alt text
  • Empty title tags
  • Duplicate securities
  • Titles too long
  • META description empty
  • META duplicate descriptions
  • META descriptions too long

You will then be able to apply the corrective actions, necessary for the good optimization of your site. Well optimized, a site will be better referenced, provided that your content is relevant!

Please be aware that if you encounter difficulties in implementing the identified corrective actions, we are available to explain the results of the audit to you in a 30-minute Skype video.