Google study the French and YouTube right now

In November 2016, Google published on its website The results of a study TNS Infratest and Google particularly interesting.

It's done! 1 French on 2, between 16 and 44 years, goes on YouTube every day, including more than two thirds several times a day. But, who are these YouTube users? Where, when and how do they go on the platform? Which consultation terminals do they prefer? Do the videos on YouTube influence their actions and buying decisions?

Decoding of video consumption trends on YouTube in France.

YouTube audience in 2016
YouTube audience in 2016

Better understand YouTube through the numbers

It's not YouTube that makes the audience, but the audience that makes YouTube. Regardless of age, professional and family status or level of knowledge, YouTube offers an infinite amount of content to follow trends, stay up-to-date, dispel doubts and interrogations, nourish your passions or discover New horizons.

Encrypted decryption of the YouTube phenomenon in France.

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