SEO Referencing for Google

Is it quick to appear on the front page?

For a referencing Google SEO Optimized, it usually takes between 1 to 5 months to appear on the first page of the search results.

Do you buy links?

We do not buy or exchange a link and we do not offer a Google AdWords (purchase of advertising links on the Google network).

What are you proposing in your offer?

  • An audit and positioning report, on your keyword, prior to the launch of the service.
  • Research and recommendations of the Key words "Google" around your theme.
  • A Optimization proposal of your site on the relevant keywords.

How does it actually unfold?

Before you can properly position your site on relevant keywords, and really wanted on Google, you must follow certain steps:

  • Step 1:  Make a "state of places" i.e. analyze the current situation of the optimization of your site. You will receive a full report that points out the improvements you have to make to your site relative to the keyword of your choice. Our report will also compare your site with the top 10 Google results on this same keyword.
  • Step 2:  We will send you a selection of keywords, around your topic, that are actually searched on Google. This selection will allow us to decide what are the right terms to target in order to optimize your website accordingly.
  • Step 3:  At the end of the optimization report, your site will be assigned a percentage optimization, corresponding to the conditions necessary to be on the first page of results in (Pages: France) for the selected expression. If this% is less than 75% we will send you a benefit proposal for Optimize your site. This service is charged €480 HT per keyword/webpage to optimize. Know that you can also perform this optimization yourself by following the instructions of our reports, but you will have to put your hands in the code of your pages... In this case a package of €160 HT is applied, including up to 10 optimization reports per keyword/webpage to guide you step by step. Our optimization rates are Visible on this page.
  • Step 4:  Once your site is properly optimized, the RankToPay service will start. We will implement all of our tools and techniques to improve your natural positioning on Google, Goolge Local, Bing, Yahoo and YouTube.

Our efforts will only be rewarded if your site is correctly positioned, according to The scale visible here.

What are your billing requirements?

This is the Rate visible Here That applies. Billing is triggered as soon as your site is finally positioned on pages 1 or 2 of Google/Google Local/Bing/Yahoo/YouTube.

It is important to note that a place on search engines is never acquired, so it is likely and normal that the positioning of your site will fluctuate upward or downward in the same month.

The billing decision is taken on the date of the positioning report at the end of the month.

What is the duration of the RankToPay service?

The incompressible duration of our performance is 12 months (1 year) per keyword or phrase to be positioned. In other words, we engage each other in the long term. It's not just to have the pleasure of working with you, but rather to show Google's "eyes" the seriousness and persistence of your Optimization efforts.