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Relevance, this is the key for Google to properly position your site on the queries of Internet users with the right search terms.

Relevance with Google's help, and our free word builder, and quality of course!

So how to find The right Keywords To assist you in Write your Content, the relevant content that will position your site in the right place, based on searches typed on Google?

One of the tools you need to use is " The Instant Search suggestion "Or Google Suggest. The RankToPay keyword Finder uses this Google service to find Additional keywords And you can suggest relevant terms as you enter the search bar. The tool we offer will automatically provide you with The best suggestions, in connection with your query, and this for Google, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube, Amazon and Ebay!

Instant Search Suggestions

Instant Search Suggestions

So it's a real source of Suggested terms, which are actually searched by internet users, and therefore potentially relevant to help you set up the most appropriate content possible ... to User requests.

A simple, free and formidablely effective tool!

Using this Free SEO Tools RankToPay, you will have more opportunities and opportunities:

  1. of properly Position your pages On search Engines
  2. To make you even more visible in the eyes of all
  3. And especially in the eyes of your target customers!
  4. To generate Long Tail keywords with high potential

With the software we present to you below, you will quickly find thousands of long-term lag keywords by automatically browsing the AutoComplete database (automatic suggestions) from Google.

Keyword Researcher

Find relevant Keywords

Have you ever wondered how to find relevant keywords for your website? When you use Google, you may notice a small drop-down list that represents their attempt to predict what you are about to type.

For example, when I type the phrase "how a website works..." ", Google assumes I may be looking for:

  • Understanding how a website works
  • How the Web Works
  • How a dynamic Web site works
  • How the Web Works
  • What does CSS

Here are some interesting keywords...

Wouldn't it be great to find a way to save all these keywords in order to add them to the content of our website?

Well that's where the software comes in Keyword Researcher !

Keyword Researcher

Keyword Researcher is an easy-to-use prediction tool.

Once activated, it emulates a human using Google's autocomplete and repeatedly types thousands of queries in Google.

Every time a partial sentence is entered, Google tries to predict what the whole sentence might be.

We just save this prediction. And, it turns out that when you do this for each letter of the alphabet (A-Z), you end up with hundreds of keywords useful for writing your content.

As Internet marketing specialists, we all understand the value of working with clear and concise keyword data. If you've ever done seo, you already know Google's keyword Planner-the incredible Google Keyword tool that can generate tons of excellent keyword data. This is the starting point for any online marketing campaign for SEO.

You've probably already downloaded CSV files from the keyword builder and eventually used them in a spreadsheet such as Microsoft Excel.

  • Maybe you tried to separate the right keywords from the wrong keywords.
  • Maybe you tried to organize your keywords into logical groups.
  • Perhaps you have tried to create optimized documents for referencing your website and you have found that inserting all of these keywords into your articles can be a bit tricky.

And that's where the problem begins!

For years I have spent hours doing manual search of keywords with various keyword tools. It took a lot of precious time! Trying to sort, segment and make sense of a list of thousand keywords takes forever. Not to mention trying to organize this data into a concise keyword search report that would make sense for a customer.

If you've already spent five minutes trying to sort the keyword data in Microsoft Excel, you know how hard it can be to work with large keyword lists!

Keyword Researcher can transform a list of thousands of keywords into an effective SEO strategy.

We designed it so that the entire referencing process runs smoothly-from the generation of the keyword to the publication of the content, through all the intermediate steps. We tried to think of everything!

Google states that "predictions of auto-completion represent the different search terms possible." The suggested suggestions reflect both the requests of other users and the content of Web pages.

Find relevant Keywords

So you're convinced?

Now use our Keyword Tool free and improve your content to better respond to the searches of Internet users.