Google My Business free or paid?

How to optimize your Google My Business card

Gateway indispensable to any local visibility strategy, the creation of your card Google My Business and its optimization will become the foundation of the development of proximity of your activity.

This for a simple and good reason:

GMB, Google My Business, it is the free service that Google offers to the Business Manager, to enable them to properly manage their online presence on the Internet.

If you are looking for local visibility on the Internet, there is no more effective!

With features such as local search results, containing a list of nearby establishments, and all the data needed to find and also contact a specific company (address, opening hours, telephone, notices...). Have your GMB file in the Top 3At the top of the page is the guarantee of More Contacts For more Turnover.

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Your card correctly optimized, the engine will also use verified and validated information from GMB in order to generate data in its databases, to display the relevant companies on specific Internet requests.

Once your new card is created, a Google Maps Location is generated. This location will synchronize with a traditional Google query to facilitate discovery and Web access. About 90% of organic research On the Web (queries from Internet users) come from Google... This shows you well The value of A display of your address in the Top 3 Google My Business!


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Follow this guide to list your company GMB and optimize all possible facets.

The validation of your business should take only a few days, you will receive a code of validation of your free account to the name and coordinates indicated when creating the Google My Business card.

  • Some basics:

    If you are a beginner in Internet marketing, here are some basics of how to approach Google My Business and appreciate the many possibilities offered.

    Yes, the use of this tool Google My Business is free.

    No, a GMB card does not replace your institution's website.

    Google My Business is a complement to your existing website, it gives you a public identity and a presence with a dedicated file on Google, which for memory is the most popular search engine in the world..

    The information you will provide on your company, on your business, will be displayed in the responses of Google Search , Google Maps and Google +. You might as well say that this is an opportunity of visibility not to be missed.

  • Create your own business card for free on Google

    The first thing is to check if your company does not already have a GMB card. Nothing simpler, run a Google analysis on the name of your company and the city. If nothing appears on the right side of the screen, then your plug does not exist yet. On the other hand, if your institution has been in existence for several years, it is likely that a GMB card already exists, you can claim it.

    Once the claim procedure is completed successfully, you will be able to manage the information and improve your existing GMB file.

  • Add or change your service area

    Log into your Google My Business account and go to "map view" mode by clicking on the map icon above your location.

    Then click Manage location, info then address, and follow the instructions displayed by the Google tool.

  • Check your GMB sheet

    Once you have submitted all your business data, and if need be your service area, you need to check your listing. This is an important step for the good visibility and performance of your Google My Business card.

    Note that Google will not display your GMB card or the latest changes until your address has been verified.

    This verification step usually takes less than a week, during which Google will send you a mail with the verification code to be filled in on Google, to formally validate the file of your company GMB.

  • Publish your My Business card

    It is very important to use the maximum resources offered by GMB in the details of your listing, in order to optimize the location of your establishment.

    Here are our essential tips for optimizing your listing:

    • Enter the complete data on your card
      Local results promote the most relevant forms for queries, so the most detailed and accurate commercial offers will be more easily displayed in the answers.
    • Think of your keywords
      As with the natural positioning, the engine uses a variety of signals to display the correct answers, including important keywords and phrases searched by Internet users, present in your business card.
    • Enter your opening hours
      It is important to enter your opening hours, and it is the same to update them every time they change. Google wants users to be satisfied with the published information, so please google.
    • Add pictures
      According to Google, companies with images on their cards receive 42% in addition to route requests on Google Maps, and 35% more clicks on their websites than companies without photos on the cards.
    • Manage your customers ' opinions
      The interaction with your customers, by answering their opinions, shows that your company gives value to its customers and the comments they send.
      Positive ratings will have a positive effect on potential clients when searching for your facility, and they'll also increase the visibility of your address in Google search responses.

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We hope this guide will make you want to claim or create your Google My Business card!

We can of course accompany you in this process, and even almost you Guarantee the Top 3 GMB For your business.

Contact us quickly, and as always with RankToPay, pay only if you are in the Top 3 GMB!

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