Impact of Google reviews on the visibility of your local SEO

According to a latest study, more than 80% of users consult opinions about a brand or establishment before going there. Your establishment's overall Google score and customer reviews are important and have a direct impact on the local SEO referencing of your site and the activity of your establishment.

We will see in this article the impact that Google's opinions can have on the online ranking of your site's local SEO, on your activity and therefore the impact on your traffic rate.

The impact of Google reviews, a key strategic focus for online visibility of institutions

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Whether your company is a bar, restaurant, hotel or craftsman, the impact of the comments left on your GMB form plays a very important role in your digital communication. Better still, they can quickly, and without major investment, bring you a high attendance rate and boost your SEO positioning, thus the activity of your establishment.

Google offers you the opportunity to reference and manage your establishment by creating Google My Business files. On these sheets, you will be able to enter as much information as possible in order to optimize your local presence and SEO referencing, while multiplying the chances of being contacted by Internet users interested in your services. You can enter your phone number with company schedules, and even add photos of your establishment, to make someone want to consume at home.

Now, if you want to make your establishment credible to consumers, your establishment record will also need to provide positive signals, such as customer reviews. The comments also contain a score out of 5, whose importance is taken into account and influences the overall score of the institution that will be highlighted, in the eyes of all.

Many companies have understood the important and significant impact that a positive or negative opinion can have on the listing or filling rate of their establishment. They have included various improvement factors, such as the optimization of their GMB page (visibility on Google Maps), in their online communication strategy. Much more powerful than social networks like Facebook, it is this sheet that will be highlighted when a user searches for a keyword such as "Bakery in Nice" or "Dog Groomer in Dinard".

Know how to improve your local SEO with Google customer reviews.

The more your institution has a Google review, the more likely it is to be displayed in the first search results, depending on the terms the user types. If you are a plumber in Rennes or a pizzeria in Lille, if you have a significant number of opinions and your overall score is between 4 and 5 stars, you will have more opportunity to appear in the first suggested results, when a user types "Plumber in Rennes" or "Pizzeria in Lille".

A Google My Business listingin particular optimized with the right criteria and best practices as well as an e-reputation management at the highest level, in addition to a real credibility, you will earn many customers, thanks to an optimal seo referencing!

Being in Pack 3 is an asset, as well as a great factor for quick decision-making by Internet users, who will have confidence in the information displayed.

To obtain the right Google ranking and positioning of your establishment, it will therefore be necessary, among other things, to obtain many customer opinions that promote your behaviour and your services.

Ask your most loyal customers to post a notice on your establishment's form. If you own a local store and sell on the Internet, ask them to leave a review of their customer experience to help you improve your reputation.

Unfortunately, the current trend is to publish negative opinions on competitors' Google lists, for their greater confusion and the negative impact on their establishment, their attendance rate and, indeed, their turnover. To thwart its techniques, you can report abusive comments to the search engine, but be aware that it is not easy to remove a comment whose impacts appear bad and put the referencing of your rankings in potential difficulties.

But don't worry because it is always possible to remove this negatively impacting contentin a perfectly authorized manner, by buying Google reviews My Business real consumers, by confidently choosing an indispensable and 100% reliable e-reputation service provider!

Thus, with a well optimized Google My Business listing, displaying some positive opinions and good marks, the referencing of your establishment will be put forward, on the Google My Business platform, more than most of the competition. Many prospects will see your establishment, premises or brand without you having to spend large sums of money on an Adwords communication or SEO campaign.

You will quickly see all the consequences on your local SEO, and on the SEO impact of your ranking, when you have many opinions on your Google My Business page. To do this, you only need to consult the various statistics on your Google page, also called "Insight", which allows you to see and understand the number of views and data recorded on your page.

This increase in the number of views, without too much effort, is a real development axis for your establishment, to increase its occupancy rate and therefore your turnover!

Be aware that you will always need to respond to posted comments when you can, on a regular basis.

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