Google keywords make the right choice

In order to properly position your site on Google search results, you need to find the right keywords, those that are really sought by users.

There are many web tools to help you in choosing your keywords. I suggest you just start by asking yourself the right questions: what is your audience looking for? Put yourself in the place of the users, who are looking for the product or the know-how that you propose.

What are the expectations of your target customers?

How do they express themselves? With a particular jargon? Specialized?

Then note a dozen keywords, which you feel are relevant around your theme, and feel free to make phrases like for example for a search "referencing Google" you can write " How to reference my website on google ».

If you have a Google account, you can then go to the Google AdWords page Https:// To get statistics on the performance of your keywords, like how many times these are searched per month. You can also check out the Übersuggest to find keywords that are not available in Google keyword Planner.

Google keywords
Take the time to do this search for good Google keywords as this will serve as the basis for writing your Web pages and articles in your blog.

How to properly write an article will be the subject of a next topic on the blog RankToPay.

Finally know that in the RankToPay offer of Referencing paid to the results, this Google keyword search job is done for you.

Has your keyboards and good research to improve your natural SEO!

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