What is the ideal number of words for your content?

Content Marketing: What is the ideal number of words for each of your content?

Do you want to write yourself or have a text written for your website, but you have no idea how many words you intend to write? Be aware that there are guides that can help you treat your content properly, with a Ideal number of words.

This number of words in a text is not trivial: it is a parameter that you are required to take into account seriously since it has as many influences on the natural referencing of your content, as on its readability for your visitors.

This is the reason why this article will allow you to know the number of words needed to meet your needs, for all the types of Web content you want to write.

How many words to use for

For a product sheet

A product sheet is crucial for all e-commerce sites. This is a multi-use tool:

  • It contributes to the referencing of the site;
  • It provides information favorable to the experience of the customers on the site;
  • In addition, it is a marketing tool that helps with the sale of products.

To answer these 3 roles at the same time, a product sheet must be shorter and simple to read, but rather rich enough to be well referenced. It is therefore suggested to have a text of at least 300 words.

For a blog article

The blog article is the basis of content marketing: It is a very effective way to make the natural referencing of your website better, provided that your articles have a Number of suitable words.
Of course, a too short post will be less recognized by some search engines like Google, for two reasons:

  • Search engines Consider the amount of words in their evaluation of a Web page.
  • The shorter the text, the less space you will have to use your keywords in a meaningful way.

In order to avoid this, one generally considers that a blog post must be at least 500 words.

Of course, nothing prevents you from making a big step: the SEO of your texts will then receive a real boost if they revolve around the 800 words. And this without relying on the high quality aspect for your readers.

Never forget that you write more specifically for humans, not for search engines like Google.

For a white paper

A white paper is a qualitative text that must deal with a subject or question and provide real answers and solutions to your readers.

In this situation, you do not have the option of allowing you to suggest a text that is too short that would only pass on the subject.

Of course, the length of a white paper is undoubtedly unlimited (there are contents that make dozens of pages), but it will be necessary to calculate at the large minimum 5000 words so that it is quite rich and relevant.

For a Web page

Whether it's your home page or other pages of your website, the number of words is also important to Google's eyes. All Web pages must reach about 300 words at a minimum.

For a press release

Content in the form of a press release is more or less a case: it mainly aims to be repeated and published by journalists.

This can involve two things:

  • Natural referencing is less essential compared to other content.
  • The content should be the clearest and most concise in order to increase its chances of being publicized.

A press release may indeed be very short and you have a reasonable opportunity to write one with about 200 words (although it is not forbidden to do a little more). Consider including your contact information with the link to your website.

For a video script

It is a document that is intended, in a general short way – just like the video: films destined for marketing rarely exceed 1 minute 30.

In an ideal way, your script should fit on 150 to 200 words (but it may be important to do more for projects that take a little more time or ambitious).

Now you know a little bit about the Number of words to use For each type of content in your Web site.

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Note Finally, that to be aware of the Number of words in a text of your site, it is interesting to use a Text Analyzer That can give you information about the number of characters or the frequency of the keywords you use.