Optimization SEO

Why is my website still not indexed and visible in Google search results?

This is a relevant question that many website managers and business leaders can ask themselves.

Yet you find that your site, besides being pleasant to consult, is complete and presents well your know-how, your passions or activities. But now how to make it discover to Internet users, at your audience? How to attract visitors and customers to your site?

The answer is the search engines!

They are the real gateways to your site.

For a search engine to "understand" what your site is talking about, let's take Google for example because it dominates the other engines, you have to follow certain very specific rules: this is what we call optimization of Web pages.

Optimization SEO

Hold this term well because it is the key to your Visibility on Google.

Optimization SEO

The realization of a Web page is extremely codified and must be thought from the outset in a good SEO optics, good visibility on the search engines.

Element prioritization, title length, keyword occurrence, optimized images, content relevancy, etc. .. so many points to assimilate and integrate into the realization phase of your pages. Even if there are many software and tools to assist you in setting up your website, these are too seldom designed with the goal of perfect SEO optimization of your Web pages. And this is normal because the recommendations and requirements of the search engines always evolve faster than your site creation software.

This optimization step is indispensable before any referencing action. Referencing a site wrong or not optimized it's like doing nothing. It's wasting your time and your money, especially if you decide to buy your online presence to display you at the top of Google results (AdWords).

Optimizing the referencing of a site is a complex task that takes time. Time to analyze and identify the points to be improved. You need the software tools, constantly updated by following the prerequisites of the search engines. It is then a manual work that is carried out directly in the code of your pages, line by line ...

As you understand it, optimizing a website is a prerequisite for your SEO efforts.

Mind the content and we will take care of the rest by respecting the Ranktopay Objectives For your audience to find you before your competitors!