Why improve the speed of your website?

It is clear that the time taken by the loading of your website has repercussions on the quality of your SEO, and therefore your positioning in the search engines.

Google's crawling robots, Bing and other engines, are like Internet users: they don't like sites that are too long to load, and if that's the case for your site, then crawlers and surfers will go elsewhere!

The speed of loading:

A key criterion for optimizing your SEO!

Google thought of you and offers to test free of charge the speed of your website, with its online tool page Speed Insights available here https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/

The page Speed Insights tool measures the performance of your Web page on smartphones and desktop computers. The speed page score goes from 0 to 100 points. The higher the score, the better the performance of your page. Aim at least a score of 85 and Google will consider your page to be displayed well.

Improve the speed of your website - Why improve the speed of your website?

This tool measures how the page's performance can be improved in terms of:

  • Time to load content over the waterline: Elapsed time between when a user sends a request for a new page and the time when the content above the waterline is displayed by the browser.
  • Full page load time: Elapsed time between when a user sends a request for a new page and the time the page is displayed in its entirety by the browser.

One of the most effective ways to Boost loading speed of your site and Improve the user experienceis to set up a CDN (content delivery network). We recommend KeyCDN For its efficiency and simplicity of implementation. Click on the logo to find out more.

keycdn logo - Why improve the speed of your website?

At the end of the test, the tool will propose you to implement suggestions that can improve the overall performance of your page. Note, however, that the "actual" performance of your page depends on the network connection of Internet users.

Keep in mind that the important thing here is to give Google the signal that your score is 85 to a minimum, indicating that the page is running correctly.

website loading speed - Why improve the speed of your website?

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