SEO Goals by Ranktopay

Our SEO goals

Ensure that your customers and prospects find you before your competitors, applying the best practices of Google seo.

The origin of RankToPay

RankToPay is a service specialized in natural referencing on Google and other search engines, published by GLG Développement, digital marketing and local referencing, located in La Richardais, near Dinard and Saint-Malo, in Ille-et-Vilaine.

Created in 2009 by John Garcia, the GLGDEV company also publishes many lead-generating web services such as: and

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Main SEO objectives of the Ranktopay service

The first source of consultation of a website is still Google, so it is essential that you are correctly positioned in the search results of the engine.

For the RankToPay mission to be possible and adapted to your situation, the SEO objectives for your website must be correctly defined. This is a real search marketing strategy that needs to be put in place.

Generate and get more traffic and consultations On your site, Make your establishment even more visible On the Internet and Boost your turnover Are the main objectives that we set ourselves and our collaboration will go in this direction, Hand in hand for more success !

You can See this page Which details the process, the best practices and the steps of optimizing your site, so that your positioning strategy and your goals become reality.

Are you ready for this?

The first step is to ask for a free audit on the state of the current optimization of your site, on the keyword of your choice. Know where we're going to find out where to arrive!