Blog SEO: The basics to get started well!

What are the two/three tips that you can give SEO referencing when making a website?

That is a very good question that I am often asked.

It should be known that the SEO ReferencingIs "an extremely complex art and science." It's hard to summarize the SEO in a nutshell. So I'm just going to give the basics for beginners who are starting out.

In fact, SEO for blog referencing, what is it?

It is the art of positioning itself as high as possible in search results, including Google.

For that, there are two fundamental things.

  • One, the way your site is going to be structured, what's called the Internal SEO.
  • Two, the links you will receive from other sites as well as various other signals.

For example, the number of shares you're going to have on Twitter, on Facebook, and the other Social Networks is important because if you talk about yourself it's probably Your site is interesting.

To make it simple, search engines, including Google, will look if this article or content that has been published on the Internet is of interest to users. And for that the engines look and analyze the quality of the links that have been published, the quantity, The keywords that are used By the other sites that link to you, and other criteria yet.

How to properly reference my blog?

To optimize the SEO of your next blog, I recommend in the first time to use The WordPress CMS. Indeed there are already a lot of settings and options that are optimized for the Blog SEO.

Then I suggest you install two important SEO Plugins regarding optimization and blog referencing:

Of course, the basic concept is always to create Quality content, because your audience will then want to share it on social media and possibly talk about it on their website if they have any.

For you to create quality links, beyond obviously the basic sharing on social media, what you are going to do, what I recommend you is simply to write and publish guest articles.

I explain: so you will write an article, but instead of publishing on your own blog, you will publish it on a blog that is in your domain but that has a little more traffic than you. You will then ask the blog manager who will host your article to set up 2 or 3 links back to your blog (backlinks). By practicing this way it will boost your SEO in a natural way.

In short, to start in SEO:

  • Focus on WordPress with some plugins
  • Broadcast good content
  • Adopt a social media strategy and guest articles.

This will be very broad enough to get started, then you can always contact us to go further in theOptimization of your blog.