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It's a bit of a jungle that SEO pricing story on Google and we fully understand that you can be lost among all the offers of services available from the websites that are offered on the Internet.

  • How to optimize and reference its website, blog or online business site on Google and at what rate?
  • Do I need to use the service AdWords ?
  • Use a SEO Agency ?
  • For what Budget And for how long?
  • is an audit of my website obligatory?

Here is an article with elements of answers and recommendations based on our work, Our results And our experience back.

What is the price of the natural referencing of a site on Google? How to define A budget for referencing And what are the good Rates for a SEO natural referencing benefit? How to reference its site on Google?

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With the benefit campaigns in natural referencing RankToPay it's really simple: you pay your SEO Google according to our results, the quality of our services, in short you master your investment, one point that's all.

Before you start looking for a provider or a big webmarketing agency (or a small agency, it's good too...) to ask for advice on the project referencing your site, ask yourself the question about what your audience Search and how it will find you, by which engine, on which query or terms.

Then ask for a detailed SEO audit to make the current state of the optimization of your site, to know if it is correctly realized, respecting the rules of the trade, in order to meet the requirements of Google:

  • Coding,
  • Page structure,
  • Speed and loading time,
  • Image optimization,
  • Backlinks,
  • Content,
  • Netlinking,
  • Visibility on social networks,
  • Google Requests
  • Etc...

It is important to get more than just a SEO Audit Basic on the part of the SEO Web provider.

So many points to be taken into account and correct before choosing a web agency and launching a SEO campaign. The important thing for you is to retain a transparent agency in its methods and tools used, in short a serious agency with technical recommendations and practical resources to put into works, and this at a pricing adapted to your budget Available.

This first step, called Optimization on-page, is indispensable and of course it has a cost, how much? This is a question with variable answers according to the services offered by the agencies and their solutions to reference your site. Take a look at our Website optimization rate By clicking this link. This cost is rarely included in the Price of an Internet SEO.

Google Natural Listing Price

All the finesse of a referencing and positioning operation is to find the right keywords, or phrases, in relation to your content and your field of activity, and which are sufficiently searched on Google, but without too much competition, to Generate more unique visits to your site. The Long Trail SEO is part of the basics of referencing, think about it.

The first step is to carry out a complete audit of your current situation, by also analyzing your environment and its netlinking, in order to Know your position In relation to your theme and your competitors. It is likely that your website is already referenced on some keywords, without you knowing it. Our free SEO audit will report it to you and we can then identify if the selected phrases are actually "searched" by internet users.

In our Natural referencing rates, this keyword search is included without any investment and additional cost. Your SEO budget is fully mastered, no monthly Google Adwords pay-per-bid.

Each selected keyword will be attached to a page of your site and its SEO optimization made according to that keyword. In our tariffs, each of the pages of your site is passed to the "microscope" and point by point, we analyze and fix your pages in order to target the required optimization score, for positioning on the First page of Google.

With RankToPay No Google SEO Rate SEO complicated, nor pay quote with extension, our service is simple and really affordable. Your costs are known and our results expected!

Are you ready to Follow this training and our recommendations To position yourself on the first pages of Google?

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