Referencing YouTube

For RankToPay, referencing your videos on YouTube is as important as the Web pages of your site on Google. Indeed 1 French on 2 watches YouTube every day, including 2/3 several times a day!

Optimized YouTube SEO

That being said, not positioning yourself correctly on YouTube would be tantamount to staying anonymous on the second most used search engine after Google. And you do not want this ...

The good news is that Google has made the acquisition of YouTube. The famous search engine has more than ever need to make profitable its wise purchase. So your properly optimized videos will have more opportunities to appear on The first pages of YouTube and Google!

But optimizing a video for YouTube it's not that simple, Not so complicated when you know what to optimize. And of course at RankToPay we think we know what to optimize on your videos.

YouTube robots analyze the textual data of your videos to determine its relevance to the searches of Internet users. So by definition to prioritize the display order of the videos on the results pages.

Referencing YouTube

The points to optimize are often identical to those used for the pages of your site, namely: the "good" keywords, the title and description of your video, the length of the video, the miniature, the subtitles, etc. ..

The realization and optimization of your videos are part of our RankToPay service. Remember that our goal is to show you at least on the first 4 pages of Google and/or YouTube, preferably on the first, because you only pay our benefit if you are properly positioned!

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