Know who visits my website

Do you produce content for your blog and publications that you share through social networks?

And you Want " Know who is visiting my site " !

RankToPay, will help you track the performance of your shares and tell you who is visiting your website!

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Indeed, you will see what Social Networks or sites generate traffic on your website.

By disseminating your content on your social networks, thanks to RankToPay you will immediately know which companies consult your website following one of your publications. This is certainly one of the fastest ways to generate qualified leads, and Visitor-Analytics Will show you exactly who is interested and which of your content has them direct to your site!

Check all the statistics of your website through a simple and user-friendly interface!

Forget all these cumbersome graphs, drop-down lists or overwhelming tables and access visitor analysis!

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In short: you publish content on your site and share it on social networks. Interested people consult your content and come to your website to read more and deepen their search. Visitor-Analytics then reveals the origin of your visitors!

Visitor Analytics helps you understand what motivates your visitors with useful data such as the number of visitors per page, the time spent on each page, traffic sources and bounce rates.

With more than 1.5 million downloads, Visitor Analytics helps website owners in more than 155 countries (19 languages available!) unlock these elusive statistics.

Web analytics data is the answer to increasing conversion rates, optimizing sales processes, creating the perfect user experience, and much more.

Make visitor analysis your trusted advisor and get information about what really matters.

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