Tracking your positions on Google, Yahoo and Bing

Follow the positions of your site, with your keywords and in relation to the referencing of your competitors.

Dashboard positioning on Google

Customer Access Tracking Google positioning

Click here To access the tracking console RankToPay Google positioning, Yahoo, Bing and performance of your website in natural referencing.

Know exactly where your site is positioned on:

This is an important and prior step to any natural referencing action, the Tracking your positioning On search Engines, which will very often trigger a first phase ofOptimizing your pages, on the already-positioned keywords or phrases.

Follow the number of terms positioned on Google and on Yahoo and Bing search engines, can be achieved with software tools or online services, which you can easily find on the Internet. The best known, also free, is Google Search Console, ideal for Position tracking of your site.

Google Site Position Tracking tool

RankToPay gives you access to a specially developed tracking console to provide you with an overview of your keyword positioning. The data is updated daily, allowing you to accurately follow the Result of our optimization work SEO and referencing.

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