Website optimization

In order to be able to improve the referencing of your website and correctly position it, on the selected keywords, it is necessary beforehand to ensure the optimization of your site. Without this step ofSEO optimization You will never be well referenced and therefore never positioned in the right place!

How to optimize your website?

We offer 2 formulas: Self optimization, if you have the skills and time to optimize yourself your site by following to the letter our indications, and optimization by our care, which we strongly recommend ...

Now follow our SEO optimization tips.

  • A clean source code : This is the base, without good foundations, building point! A misconstrued code will cause many problems, slowing, poor display, pure and simple planting of your pages ... This can even block the indexing of some or all of your site. We will be vigilant on this point.
  • tags of your images : the addition of media, pictures or photos, is important for the aesthetics of your site but also for its SEO! They did not escape you that Google also references the images, which are then available via the Images tab of the search engine.  It is therefore essential to correctly complete the "Alt" and "Title" tags of all the images of your site, in order to allow the indexing by Google and the other search engines. Be aware that Google does not know how to interpret an image, so it is the only way to tell them what your images are about. If your tags are filled with common sense, then you will gain relevance ... and that's very good for your SEO.
  • Titles and descriptions of your pages : the "Title" and "Description" tags are very important because they are often used by search engines to display the subject of your pages to Internet users. So you have to make sure that each title is unique and that your descriptions correctly display the theme of your pages.
  • Indicate your sources : It is very likely, and even recommended, that you make references to other sites for this or that subject. Prefer to cite sites of qualities and that already make references to Google's eyes. Think of quoting the sources used with a return link, so you will gain relevance more quickly.

Would you like to know more? You have a doubt about the formula to select?

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